How to Enter and Bet

How to Enter

Entrance gate

Upon arriving at the BOAT RACE stadium, insert a 100-yen coin into the slot of the entrance gate.
Admission is free on days when only off-stadium betting tickets are sold (no race is held at the race stadium you visit, and betting tickets for races to be held in other stadiums are sold).

How to Bet

Betting method

Fill in the optical mark recognition (OMR) betting card.

Stadium (where the race is to be held)
Of the 24 race stadiums around the country, fill in the stadium where you are placing your bet.
Race number
Of the 12 races, fill in the number of the race to bet on.
Bet type

<Terms and definitions>

Exactra (2連単):
Pick the two boats that finish first and second in exact order.
Place-Show (2連複):
Pick the two boats that finish within the first two places, without regard for the order. For example, if you pick boats 1 and 2 and these two boats finish first and second, you win your bet.
Trifecta (3連単):
Pick the three boats that finish first, second, and third in exact order.
Trio (3連複):
Pick the three boats that finish within the first three places, without regard for the order.
Quinella-Place (拡連複):
Pick any combination of two of the top three winners, without regard for the order.
You win your bet if your two selected boats finish first and second, second and third, or first and third.
* If two or more boats finish third at the same time, the combinations with the boat that finishes third are excluded.
Predict the order of finish (first, second, and third places).
Fill in your predicted order of finish.
In a double quinella (Exacta or Place-Show) bet, predict the two boats that finish first and second. In a triple quinella (Trifecta or Trio) bet, predict the three boats that finish first, second, and third.
* In the “Bet type,” “1st, 2nd, 3rd,” and “Amount” columns, each row corresponds to a specific bet. For example, if you make three types of bets on a race, three rows are filled.
* If you choose to bet with Place-Show, Trio, or Quinella-Place, the order indicated on the betting card is irrelevant.
Specify the amount of your bet.
If you fill in “1”, you can choose 100, 1,000, or 10,000 yen according to the unit you select next.
If you fill in “10” and “1,” it means you specify “11.”
Specify the unit of your bet.
The units are as follows.
百 = 100
千 = 1,000
万 = 10,000
All payouts are in yen.
If you specify any item incorrectly, fill in this mark. The information contained in the corresponding row will not be reflected on the bet you purchase.

Buying a BOAT RACE betting ticket

Using the OMR card you have filled, buy a betting ticket by the time the ticket sale for the race ends.

① Go to a ticket vending machine, and insert your OMR card into the designated slot.
* If your OMR card is incomplete or has any mistake, the monitor will tell you where you need to make a correction.
② If there is no problem, put in the money and wait for the ticket to be issued.
③ If you get your betting ticket, the purchase is complete.

About a refund

If the race results are confirmed and you win your bet or if a refund is made due to the detection of a false start or other problem, insert your betting ticket into the ticket bending machine and get the refund.