Race Information

SG Boat Race Classic

Prize money: 40 million yen

Boat Race Toda
March 15 - 20

Only those racers who are expected to deliver results are allowed to compete in Boat Race Classic.

The race was held for the first time at Boat Race Omura in Omura City, Nagasaki Prefecture, on April 6, 1952.
The SG races include the five major races, called GRANDE5, which are historic top-tier events among the SG category races. It was in 1966 that the first SG race took place.
Boat Race Classic, the first SG race of the year, has always received attention as it serves as a barometer for the prospects of the grade races in the coming one-year period. But this race has another aspect to it.
Only “clutch” racers are allowed entry. The competition decides who is the best racer.

Qualifications for entry are as follows.
・Winner of the previous year’s Boat Race Classic
・Finalists of the previous year’s Grand Prix (6 racers)
・Winners of the previous year’s SG, G1, and G2 races
・Racers who won the most races of G3 and lower grades in the previous year

The right to compete in this race is granted only to those who have delivered results by winning races. Competition is growing more fierce every year.

The winner of the race, a bona fide victor, is awarded 40 million yen in prize money.

About SG
SG stands for Special Grade, which is the highest race grade.
Races are divided into five categories. SG (Special Grade) is the top category, followed by G1, G2, G3, and general races.
The highest amounts of prize money are paid in the SG category races.