BOAT RACE Tokoname, a Waterside Theme Park

With a giant, towering playground and a dramatic arena where boats speed right past you, the whole family will have a blast!

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BOAT RACE Tokoname is just a few minutes by train from Chubu Centrair International Airport!
Tokoname, the city where BOAT RACE Tokoname is located, is one of Japan’s leading producers of pottery.
It is one of the Japan’s six oldest pottery producing areas and, of the six, Tokoname has the longest history and is the largest in scale.
The city is famous for producing pottery lucky cat figurines, and "“Tokonyan,” a giant guardian cat measuring 6.3 m wide and 3.8 m tall, benevolently watches over the city!

Featuring a giant slide, water see-saw, climbing wall, and more,
there is so much to do at the exciting playground that you’ll never tire of it!

BOAT KIDS PARK Mooovi features a diverse array of colorful playground equipment.
This popular playground is always filled with children playing on the unique playground equipment.
Kids can enjoy speeding down Giant Ocean Tower, a 9-m-tall outdoor slide!

BOAT KIDS PARK Mooovi Tokoname

Opening times:
Weekdays: Two 160-minute sessions
Summer (Feb-Oct): Session 1: 10:30–13:10, session 2: 14:10–16:50
Winter (Oct–Feb): Session 1: 10:10–12:50, session 2: 13:50–16:30

Weekends and public holidays: Four 80-minute sessions
Summer (Feb–Oct): Session 1: 10:30–11:50, session 2: 12:10–13:30, session 3: 13:50–15:10, session 4: 15:30–16:50
Winter (Oct–Feb): Session 1: 10:10–11:30, session 2: 11:50–13:10, session 3: 13:30–14:50, session 4: 15:10–16:30

Children: 300 yen; adults: 300 yen
*Includes admission to BOAT RACE Tokoname

Recommended age
6 months – 12 years old
*Admission tickets can be purchased in advance or on the day

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Feel free to experience nature!
Break a pleasant sweat at the open-air fitness area!

After visiting Mooovi, head over to the community park "Gruun Tokoname".
As soon as you enter, there's a wide lawn area where you can relax in a picnic-like atmosphere!
In the surrounding areas, there are facilities like open-air fitness areas suitable for both young and old, game fields where you can enjoy mini futsal and basketball, and nature workshops. all for free.
Indoor facilities also host events such as parent-child cooking classes, handprint art experiences, and children's craft workshops.
Come and take the challenge!

Satisfy your hunger with delicious and
hearty Tokoname cuisine!

Enjoy local specialties at the food court!
The large fried shrimp are an irresistible harmony of plump, juicy shrimp, and tartar sauce!
In the stewed beef sinew rice bowls, the rich, salty–sweet red miso complements the rice perfectly.
Enjoy the large and juicy steak together with the special sauce!

Sip a stylish lemonade at the waterfront café!

E PRONTO MINI is a café by the water.
Here, you can enjoy an exclusive lemonade in one of six colors.
Post a photo of lemonade illuminated by light reflecting off the water’s surface to your social media!
It’s also fun to watch the races supporting your favorite racer with a lemonade that matches the color of their boat.

If you’re lucky, you might get to meet Tokotan, Tokoname’s official mascot!

The city of Tokoname is known as the largest producer of lucky cat figurines in Japan, and the city’s official mascot is Tokotan, the lucky cat.
Tokotan was originally the mascot of BOAT RACE Tokoname, but since gaining popularity, has now become a PR ambassador for the whole city.
At the information counter, you can find Tokotan merchandise, such as plush toys and t-shirts.
Tokotan Hall plays host to not only the racers’ award ceremony, but also various events and cultural classes. Tokotan makes an appearance during major races and other events, so be sure to keep an eye out!

There is another BOAT RACE venue in Aichi Prefecture.
BOAT RACE Derby scheduled for October!

Oldest traditional SG race
Boat Race Derby

Boat Race Derby is now a competition of the highest SG (Special Grade) category and one of the five major races, called GRANDE5, which are historic top-tier events among the SG category races.

The point is that racers are not allowed to compete in the this race unless they keep achieving good results constantly.