Rules and Instructions

Basic BOAT RACE Information

A day-long racing session includes 12 races.

3 laps counterclockwise

After passing the starting line, the boats vie for the lead by racing around the 1st- and 2nd-turn markers in order, completing 3 laps around the dedicated course (3 laps @ 600 m/lap = 1800 m).

6-boat contest

BOAT RACE is a competition in which 6 boats race to the finishing line.
The boat racers’ uniforms and boats are color-coded as follows:

Boat 1
Boat 2
Boat 3
Boat 4
Boat 5
Boat 6

The unique way races start

Unlike the “standing start” used in athletic events, BOAT RACE employs the “flying start system” in which boats must pass the starting line within a designated time frame.

From warm-up to start

The 6 boats “pit-out” all at once, but before crossing the starting line, they warm up by sprinting clockwise around marker 2 and the shortcut prevention buoy.

Flying (F) and Late (L) starts

In BOAT RACE, a boat can take the advantage by passing the starting line ahead of all the others.
If a boat crosses the line too early before the needle on the giant clock hits 0, it’s called a “flying start (F)”. If it crosses too late after the needle hits 1, it’s called a “late start (L)”.
In either case, the boat is scratched from the race and the bets on that boat are refunded. Be sure to hang on to your betting ticket.